We open space for Nature.

Our International environmental group JARO take care of the most valuable pieces of grasslands, meadows, wetlands, sandbanks and sparse forests. 


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We grew up from the Heart of the Europe

We are currently one of the most active citizens‘ associations for the practical nature conservation with the roots in the Czech Republic. Want to help?

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Nature Conservation

We operate on territory of the Czech Republic, Austria, part of western Slovakia and southern Poland to protect and support:

  • Butterflies & other pollinators
  • Pools, wetlands & landscape water regime
  • Amphibians, reptiles, birds & mammals
  • Pollards, dead wood & old trees

we educate

‘Get to Know and Protect’

Our regular activities include ecological and environmental education. We organize various events during the year. Except Europe, we cooperate with conservationists in Indonesia and Congo.

“We shan’t save all we should like to –
but we shall save a great deal more
than if we never tried.”

Sir Peter Scott, 1962